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Real Estate- It's a Local Thing

February 27th, 2016
People who are shopping for a home rarely shop in a large region... they choose a city or town and they generally go there, to see what is available. We do, though, talk about the Canadian Real Estate Market... as if there was some consistency between… more »

Practical Tips for the First Time Buyer

February 18th, 2016
I need to start out by saying that this is an overview and shouldn't be taken as an exhaustive checklist and certainly not a substitute for home inspection from a reputable, qualified and properly licensed home inspector. Most people purchasing a… more »

Tiny Houses in North Hastings

February 14th, 2016
A new housing craze is trending in North America, called the tiny house. Some people call this the small house movement. It's more than just an architectural style, it's social movement that advocates the simplified lifestyle. If you haven't seen one,… more »

Log Home Construction

February 9th, 2016
For many people, a log house is their ultimate dream home. Built properly, a log house can last centuries, providing the cozy comfort in the winter and cooler comfort in the summer, because heavy timber is a great, natural thermal insulator. If a… more »

We are on Facebook

January 26th, 2016
Readers of this blog have learned that it isn't really about self-promotion, so much as it is to talk about the beautiful area in which we trade... or to talk about stuff that interests us. It's interesting, some of our posts get a lot more attention… more »