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Housing Prices are Up

November 24th, 2016

The average price of an existing detached home in the city of Toronto climb is up over 30% from a year ago, although some officials maintain that listings for the average resale home are 15-20% over-priced.

The development community claims that the reason for the hike is that single-family housing starts have dropped because of restrictions on land use that date back to 2005/06 and the McGuinty “Place to Grow” Act which was introduced with the province’s Greenbelt Act- ultimately protecting 1.8 million acres of greenbelt in the Greater Golden Horseshoe around Toronto from any development. However, reports indicate that less than 20% of the supply of available land has been built upon- leaving over 110,000 acres for development. Typically, housing development projects work on a density threshold of 4 units per acre. This is almost enough land to build 4 cities the size of Oshawa.

So, if it isn’t lack of buildable land… what is it? Some people blame the seemingly insatiable demand from overseas `investors who enjoy the relative safety of the Canadian real estate market- although analysis shows that foreign buyers, in fact, represent a rather small percentage of buyers in Canada.

So, if it isn’t foreign investors… what is it? Some people point to economic success in Toronto and Vancouver which have resulted in the creation of 250,000 jobs. Apparently, a quarter of the country’s jobs are split between these two cities. The loss of some manufacturing and weakening resource industry is driving more people to the cities to seek jobs. The flood of residents to these cities has reduced rental vacancies, leaving purchase as the only option.

Clever, urban-dwelling, home-owning, Baby Boomers are holding on to their properties, hoping to squeeze maximum capital from them for retirement. Millennials who are currently building families and looking for suitable properties means there’s a greater demand than there is supply.

Speculators are taking advantage of the opportunity and there are more “flips” going on. That seems particularly prevalent in the condo market. & there are some people who feel that it’s just that nobody is getting the “mix” between condos and single detached units quite right… overbuilding some years and underbuilding others.

There are a myriad of explanations for the situation and whatever the reason or reasons, it seems that one thing most sources agree upon is that this is a trend that is expected to continue for the next decade or so.

Bancroft's Cenotaph

November 11th, 2016

The cenotaph is a memorial that represent all of those who have served and fallen for our country. There is a small stone at the Bancroft Cemetery which was the first memorial for the lives lost during WW1. The current cenotaph monument was erected in 1956 - in Memory of WW1, WW2 and Korean War Veterans. The following information has been collected from the list of names carved into that stone at the Bancroft Cenotaph which does not include all of our local heroes. There is a smaller stone, mounted at the base of the current monument, which was placed on the site after the first world war. There are a couple of names on that early stone that weren't included on the 1956 monument. I recently did some research on all of the names that appear on these stones and local councillor, Mary Kavanagh, will present the information (along with any photos that I could locate) at the local playhouse on the 23rd of November. Mary has been doing a monthly historical photo series, to raise money for the Bancroft North Hastings Heritage Museum. I am hoping there will be family members in the audience for the presentation- it will be nice to find more information about these people. Personally, I love anecdotal data included in personal biographies.

Here is a synopsis of what I was able to find:


- Anderson, John Wesley (unable to locate)

- Armstong, Alec (may be Alexander Armstrong- unable to locate)

- Beaudrie, Richard (Private) (Richard Ben Beaudrie)(spelled Beauderie on military papers) Born 21 March 1894 in Hermon, son of John Beaudrie and , died 9 May 1917 Canadian First Infantry 21st Battalion, struck by a piece of shell and killed instantly while assembling for a counter-attack at Fresnoy buried at Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery in Calais France (Vimy Memorial)

- Bird, Hiram Edward (Private) born 10 March 1890 son of Hiram Edward Bird and Mary Hanvers at Wollaston, enlisted in 21st Battalion, Killed in Action April 9, 1917 (Vimy Memorial)

- Black, Robert James (Private) born 6 Dec 1894 L'Amable son of Mary Caldwell Black and Robert John Black (previously served on year in 49th Regt. ) Enlisted May 10, 1915 in Belleville, posted to 26th Battalion, died 17 Nov 1915 in France- previously reported as missing, presumed drowned.

-Bowen, James Hedley (Private) assigned 20th Batalion Central Ontario Regiment Canadian Infantry, died 20 January 1917 died of wounds at No. 6 Casualty Clearing Station, buried at Barlin Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France

- Brown, S (unable to locate)

-Bullied, Bill (William Albert) born Dec 11, 1887, son of George Albert and Sarah Bullied of Coe Hill (previously served 1 year with 57th Regt. Peterborough) assigned December 23, 1915 Served as Sergeant with the 3rd Battalion Canadian Infantry, died 3 May 1917 France- (Vimy Memorial)

-Burnell, Burt (unable to locate)

- Burnette, Charles (actually Edward Charles Burnett ) born April 8, 1899 (stated 1897 on papers) son of Joseph Nelson Burnett and Minnie Mountney of Fort Stewart, enlisted Feb 21, 1916. Served as Private with the 38th Battalion Eastern Ontario Regiment, killed instantly by enemy shell fire during the advance in the vicinity of Passchendaele Oct 13, 1917. Menin Gates YPRES Memorial.

- Card, Thomas (Thomas Nelson) born 9 November 1876 in Maynooth, son of Margaret Ramsey Card, enlisted December 15, 1914 in Winnipeg, assigned Eastern Ontario Regiment Canadian Infantry(served previously 1 year in the 49th Battalion), Ontario died November 6, 1917 killed instantly by enemy shell fire during the attack on Passchendaele. Buried at Menin Gate Ypres Memorial Belgium (West Flanders)

- Clarke, Richard (Richard Allen George Clarke) born 21 July 1888 in Tudor/Cashel son of James N and Mary-Angelena Patter Clarke of Coe Hill. Served Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regt. 21st Bn.) killed on the morning of October 11, 1918 during the advance on Avesnes-le-Sec and buried at Niagara Cemetery, IWUY, Nord, France

- Collins, A (unable to locate)

- Collins, D (unable to locate)

-Conlin, CP (Charles Peter) born May 22, 1894 son of Mary Murphy and Peter Conlin of Ormsby enlisted March 24, 1916 at Coe Hill, served with 21st Battalion, killed in action at Vimy May 26, 1917.

-Currie, A (Allan Jerome Currie) born Dec 29, 1894 in Michigan USA, son of Archibald and Catherine Currie (Kapuskasing) enlisted January 8, 1916 in Coe Hill, assigned 21st Battalion, served as a Private and was killed in action August 15, 1917 Vimy

-Daly, F (unable to locate but Daly is a local family name)

-Danford, Charles (Charles William) born Dec 25, 1885 of Coe Hill, enlisted there February 1st, 1916. Son of Mrs. Alfred Danford. Husband of Beatrice Pathson Danford. Served 21st Battalion, killed in action August 15, 1917.

-Davy, William "William Henry Davy" of Bancroft born 1 April 1897, son of Adam Henry Davy served as a Gunner with the 10th Brigade Canadian Field Artillery, died November 6 1917 and interred Menin Gate (Ypres) Memorial, Belgium

-Donaldson, Charles (Charles Herman Donaldson) resident of Millbridge, Tudor Twp. Born September 24, 1897. Son of James & Matilda (Gunter) Donaldson. Enlisted December 20, 1915. Served 21st Battalion. Killed in Action July 20, 1917 in the vicinity of Angres. Interred Bully-Grenay Communal Cemetery, Noeux-les-Mines, France.

- Donaldson, George born 22 July 1876 in Madoc, son of Rose Ann McCann and Charles Donaldson of Sask. enlisted at Estevean 27 Dec 1916. Served 5th Battalion Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment). Killed in action, August 1 1918 whilst on outpost duty. The Battalion was holding the line in front of Arras and his company was in the front line. He was hit in the kidneys by shrapnel from an enemy high explosive shell and died instantly. Interred at Duisans British Cemetery near Arras, France.

-Gannon, Thomas (Ranked- Sapper) Born June 26, 1893 in Maynooth. Son of Edward Gannon. Enlisted May 17, 1915 in Arcola Sask. Served Canadian Railway Troops, Army, 4th division, died September 4, 1917 of shrapnel wound to the head at no. 39 Casualty Clearing Station, interred at Adinkereke Military Cemetery, Belgium

-Hennessy, George of L'Amable. Born August 26, 1877, son of Albert Hennessy. Enlisted January 5, 1916 at Bancroft. served as a Private with the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles, 2nd Central Ontario Regiment. Killed in action October 26, 1917 at Passchedaele.

-Hewton, John (John Wesley Hewton) of Ormsby. Born June 19, 1897, son of Catherine Hewton. Enlisted at Coe Hill on February 26, 1916. Served as a Private with the 21 Battalion, Eastern Ontario Regiment. Died May 12, 1918 of shrapnel wounds to his side, penetrating his abdomen at #56 Casualty Clearing Station. Interred at Bagneux British Cemetery, Doullens, France.

- Hoover, Robert (Robert John Hoover) of Turriff. Born May 29, 1898 at Carlow. Son of Albert Hoover. Enlisted February 23, 1917. Died of gunshot wound to left buttock at #6 Canadian Field Ambulance. Interred at Bellacourt Military Cemetery, near Arras France.

- Jarman, Harry Captain (Harry Niles Love Jarman) Husband of Sarah E. Spurr Born 31 May 1876 in L'Amable. Son of George L and Betsey Jarman. He went overseas with the Queen's University Medical Corps, having received his degree as Doctor of Medicine just before the close of his final year so that he could take advantage of the opportunity to serve. Shortly after his arrival in England, he was attached to the RAMC and given the rank Captain. He spent six months in France and then, in 1915 to Greece where he saw action with the Imperial Forces. He was killed in action on January 15, 1917 and was interred at the Karasouli Military Cemetery in Greece.

-Kelch, Nelson (Charles Nelson Kelsh) Born 11 February 1894 in Peterbrough. Son of Charles Wesley and Jane Kelsh, Coe Hill. Private, served with 21st Battalion. Killed in action, August 25, 1918, whilst on sentry and observation duty near Battalion Headquarters, stationed near Tilloy (east of Arras) under a heavy bombardment by the enemy with high-explosive shells. A piece of shrapnel struck him on the head, penetrating the steel helmet and entering his brain. His wound was attended to immediately by a stretcher bearer but he died whilst being taken to a dressing station. Interred at Dainville British Cemetery.

-Laird, Jack (William John) Born September 19, 1878 son of William and Levina Gunyea Laird of Madoc. Resident of Ormsby, enlisted April 7, 1916. Served in the Canadian Infantry, Eastern Ontario Regiment, 21st Bn, died of wounds received and amputation of right arm at the #18 Casualty Clearing Station on April 9, 1917 and interred at Lapugnoy Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France

- Lake, Dennis Born July 25, 1893 husband of Clara Lake, residing on Monck Rd. Enlisted at Bancroft, April 10th 1916. Served with the 21st Battalion. Killed in action, April 9, 1917 during an attack west of Thelus. Interred, Aux Rietz Military Cemetery, north of Arras France. Exhumed to La Targette British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France.

-Laundry, W could not verify (could be William Laundry born 26 May 1887 at Ompah or Emerson Wilfred Laundry born 1894 at Monteagle)

- Letts, Hugh (Thomas Hugh Letts) born in Turriff 22nd October1886, son of Thomas and Jessie Letts, husband of Elizabeth Hudson. Enlisted Sept 23 1914 in Bancroft. Assigned to Canadian Infantry, Eastern Ontario Regiment, 2nd Battalion. Killed in battle by German gas attack in the field on April 23, 1915. Interred Menin Gate (Ypres) Memorial, Belgium. The original cenotaph stone designates him as Sniper.

-Maxwell, Herbert E. (Herbert Edward Maxwell) born July 20, 1894, worked as a Bank Clerk at Scotia Band. Son of T Maxwell. Enlisted October 11, 1915. Served with 11th Canadian Light Trench Mortar Battery. Killed in action 2 Sept 1918. During an attack made on enemy positions south of Dury, he was dressing the wounds of an officer when they were both instantly killed by a shell. Interred at Dury Mills British Cemetery, south east of Arras France.

-Maxwell, M (Unable to trace) Serving from Bancroft were: James & Angus, sons of Edward Maxwell and Fleming, son of Edward Maxwell

-McCutcheon, Erwin (possibly Charles Irvin McCutcheon of Detlor, Ontario) Born in Trenton January 10, 1890. Son of Charles McCutcheon and Emma A Sager. Husband of Annie Margaret McCutcheon. A baker & cook by trade. Enlisted January 5, 1917 at Belleville. Unable to verify as a casualty.

- McLean, W (unable to locate)

-Meagher, L (unable to locate)

-Mitchill, Bill (unable to locate)

-Moore, Lloyd Born July 29 1898 in Bancroft, Son of Lewis Moore. Trained as a cook. Enlisted December 23, 1916. Killed in action, during an advance on the enemy's position at Oliver Trench, near the Sensee River in the afternoon on August 28, 1918. A very heavy barrage was placed on the advancing troops which resulted in a number of casualties. Interred at Valley Cemetery, South East of Arras, France.

-Palmateer, Everett possibly Everett Melvin Palmateer born April 9, 1895. Son of William Riley Palmateer and Margaret Elizabeth Phillips. Died October 9, 1918. Unable to verify.

-Peever, G (Stanley Gordon Peever) Born August 1, 1899 (papers say 1897) , son of Mary Ann Evans & John Peever of Maynooth. Enlisted May 8, 1918 Lance Corporal with 24th Battalion, died of gunshot wounds to the head at #10 Hospital, Rouen on September 26, 1916. Interred at St Sever Cemetery in Rouen France.

- Powers, Wesley A (likely Lance Sergeant Arthur Wesley Power born 13 January 1894 in Wilberforce and enlisted November 16, 1915. Killed in Action during an attack south of Givenchy on April 9 1917 and interred at Canadian Cemetery No 2 in Pas de Calais France.

-Reid, Ben (possibly Benjamin Neily Reid son of RA Reid of Ottawa. Private with 2nd bn Canadian Infantry, Eastern Ontario Division. Reported missing, presumed dead on or since April 22 1915, aged 23 during attack in vicinity of St. Julien. Memorial at Menin Gate Ypres Memorial, Belgium.)

-Robbins, J (John Robbins of Bancroft) Born June 20th 1881, son of Joseph Robbins and Juliana Parks of Bannockburn. Enlisted March 31, 1916. Died of wounds No 22 Casualty Clearing Station on April 15, 1917. Bruay Communal Cemetery Extension of Houdain. Widow Mrs Nora Hayes (nee Reid) of Bancroft (who had remarried).

-Robbins, Leslie (Leslie Nelson Robbins of Forth Stewart) Born Dec 5, 1898. Son of Maggie Robbins. Enlisted 9 January 1917. Killed in action, November 3 or 4th, 1917 in the trenches of Passchendaele.

-Robbins, Lorne (unable to locate but Robbins is a local family name)

-Robinson, Roland born February 4, 1895 at Hybla Ontario, son of Sarah Margaret Robinson. Enlisted at Bancroft March 2 1916. Served as Private with the 21st Battalion. Killed in the trenches south of Passchendaele. November 3 or 4, 1917. Interred Menin Gate Ypres Memorial, Belgium.

-Robinson, S (unable to locate)

-Rosebush, Ted (likely Terence Levi Rosebush) born March 28, 1894 in Glen Alda, Chandos Twp. Son of William JW and Susan A Rosebush. Enlisted at Coe Hill on 3 January 1916. Served as Private with the 21 Battalion Canadian Infantry, Eastern Ontario Regiment. Killed in action, May 11, 1917 Vimy Memorial Pas de Calais France.

-Sine, Ernest (Ernest Perry Sine) born October 31, 1891 in Rawdon Twp. Son of Mrs Benson Sine of Sidney Twp. Husband of Alvina Gunter. Married 22 March 1913. Enlisted at Belleville on July 28 1915. EP Sine served as Bdr. with Can Artillery 9B and died of wounds at No 8 Canadian Field Ambulance. Interred Noeux- les -Mines Communal Cemetery south of Bethune.

-Sprackett, Frank (George Francis Sprackett) born May 26, 1891 in Gilmour Ontario. Son of George. Engineer by trade. Enlisted December 12, 1916 in Belleville. Served as Private with Eastern Ontario Regiment 38. Died from wounds at No 42 Casualty Clearing Station on April 24, 1918. Interred at Aubigny-en-Artois Communal Cemetery Extension NW of Arras, France.

-Stimears, Malcolm L (Malcolm Lester or Leicester Stimers) born November 15, 1897 in Bancroft. Son of Victoria Lees and the late Ellis Stimers. Enlisted March 23, 1916 in Bancroft. Served as Private with 21st Battalion Eastern Ontario Regiment. Killed in action on August 6, 1918. Interred British Military Cemetery near Longueau.

-Stoughton, William of Manitoba (likely William Henry Stoughton) Born January 10 1879 at Bancroft, son of Albert Stoughton. Enlisted February 21 1916. Details of death unknown.

-Sweet, Frank brother of William Sweet of Cobalt. Born March 19, 1891 in Bancroft. Shown on 1891 Census for Faraday Twp as Frank B Sweet, son of William Harrison and Margaret Sweet. Enlisted May 11 1915 at Belleville. Served 26th Bn Canadian Infantry. Reported from Base to have been Killed in Action on August 8, 1918. Buried at Midway British Cemetery, SE of Corbie. Exhumation in 1920 and reinterred at Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery- Somme France.

-Thornton, James R Private with 6th Eastern Ontario Reserve Battalion, Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force. (James Robert Thornton) Born April 9 1896 at Bird's Creek. Only son of John and Sarah Thornton. Enlisted May 13, 1918 at Barriefield. Died October 23, 1918 at #14 Canadian General Hospital Eastbourne of Influenza and Lobar Pneumonia. Interred at Seaford Cemetery, Sussex, UK.

-Turriff, Jack (John Turriff) born September 20 1889 in Turriff. Son of Thomas and Margaret Turriff. Enlisted Dec 27, 1915 at Bancroft. Served as Sgt. with 21st Battalion of the Eastern Ontario Regiment. Reported Killed in Action October 11, 1918. Interred at Niagara British Cemetery, south west of Derain, France

-Walker, Alfred (Alfred Allen Walker) born Nov 1 1878 in Faraday. Son of Sylvanus Walker and Mary Pringle. Husband of Charity Elizabeth Baumhour. Enlisted April 8, 1916 at Coe Hill. Private with 21st Battalion of Canadian Infantry, Eastern Ontario Regiment. Killed in action November 3, 1917. Interred Tyne Cot Cemetery, Belgium.

-Watson, David T (David Thomas Watson) born April 9, 1892. Son of James Watson and Priscilla Thomas. Husband of Jessie Caroline Bradheur, RR 2 Bancroft. Enlisted Feb 12 1916 at Bancroft. Served as Private with 21st Battalion Eastern Ontario Regiment. Missing in Action since August 15, 1917 and presumed dead. Memorialized at Vimy Memorial, Pas de Calais, France.

- Whitefoot, Edwin W of Bancroft. Born June 14, 1984 in Hamilton, Ont. Son of Edwin C Whitefoot of Bancroft. Enlisted October 13, 1915. Served as Private with Canadian Infantry 21st Battalion, Eastern Ontario Regiment. Died October 11 1918. Burial Niagara Cemetery, IWUY, Nord France.

-Wilcox, George (possibly George Wilcox shown on Limerick census for 1901) born 1883. Son of Artemus and Margaret K Wilcox. (unable to verify)

-Wilson, James ( possibly Thomas James Wilson Born July 30th, 1876 in Chandos Twp. Son of Cyrus Edgar Potter and Phoebe Shorts. Husband of Lulu Potter, he was a lumberman by trade, he enlisted at Coe Hill on April 7, 1917. No record of death available to verify)

- Woodcock, Melville (unable to locate but Woodcock is a local family name)

-Woodcock, William W (William Wilson Woodcock) of Monteagle Township born in Faraday on January 7, 1894. Son of Gilbert and Mary L Woodcock. Enlisted April 27, 1916. Served as Private in the Canadian Infantry, Western Ontario Regiment. Killed in Action August 28, 1918. Interred Quebec Cemetery, Cherisy, South East of Arras.


Anderson, William Robert: born 7 September 1913 in Faraday, son of Ada Muriel and John Anthony Anderson- enlisted Canadian Army on 17 April 1941 in Kingston, died 6 March 1943 at RCAMC General Hospital Southampton England from Pulmonary Embolus, Perforated appendix.

Bowers, William H. "William Harry Bowers" Born November 11, 1923, son of Simon H and Jessie Florence Bowers. Enlisted March 9, 1942. Killed in action, in Holland on April 3, 1945. Buried at Holten Canadian War Cemetery, Netherlands.

Broad, Leslie "Leslie Allan Broad" RCAF Pilot Officer. Born October 28 1913. WAs killed in a flying accident which occurred 3 miles west of Trenton Ontario at 1630 hours on April 7, 1941, striking off a de Havilland Tiger Moth that was taken on strength January 14, 1941. Pilot Officer Broad was a passenger and Sgt VJ Parker was pilot. Both were killed. Leslie Broad is interred at Mount Pleasant in Bancroft, Ontario.

Bullied, Cecil "Cecil Raymond Bullied" born June 7 1915 at Lasswade, Ontario. Corporal with the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, RCIC. Died Dec 23 1943 in the Field, Italy. Interred at the Moro River Canadian War Cemetery, Italy.

Carrol, John (unable to locate but Carrol is a local family name)

Churcher, Almer E "Almer Ebart Churcher" of Bancroft. Born June 24, 1924. Son of John L Churcher and Adeline Sophia Musclow. RCAF. Died instantaneously as a result of multiple injuries caused by aircraft accident in Macleod Alberta #7 Service Flying Training School on October 19 1944. The school operated until November 17, 1944. Interred at St John Anglican Cemetery in Bancroft.

Coglan, Clarence (unable to locate)

Crosby, Gordon (Gordon Alexander Crosbie born Mar 20, 1914 at Bancroft. Son of Benjamin and Violet Crosbie. Husband of Joan Crosbie of Royal Oak Michigan USA. Enlisted Sept 11, 1939. Served as Private with the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment RCIC. A mechanic by trade. Killed in action January 3 1944 in the field in Italy. Interred at Moro River Canadian War Cemetery in Italy. Plot V1 C 16

Dupuis, Walter J "Walter John Dupuis, born 21 October 1921, son of Oliver and Ruth Dupuis of Maynooth, Ontario" Enlisted 1 August 1941. Served as Gunner with Royal Canadian Artillery, 14th Field Regiment. Killed in action, June 6, 1944 in France. Body not recovered. Bayeux Memorial, Calvados France.

Goodkey, Leonard E "Leonard Earl Goodkey" born December 24, 1920 at Bancroft, Ontario. Son of Charles Christopher Goodkey and Elsie May Clarke of Bancroft. Living at New Toronto and working as a storekeeper and receiving clerk at date of enlistment, January 2, 1942. Served as navigator with RCAF. Reported missing after air operations February 25, 1944. Presumed killed in accident during operations.

Took part in the Key Operations against Berlin 15/16 Feb 44 and Leipzig 19/20 Feb 44. When lost against Schweinfurt 24/25 Feb had a total of 21 hours. Airborne 1810 24 Feb 44 from Wickenby for the final sortie of their first tour of operations and carrying a second pilot for operational experience. Crashed at Marsal (Moselle), 10 km SE of Chateau-Salins, France. All are said to be buried in the churchyard at Marsal (Moselle)

Haryett, William H "William Henry Haryett" born April 27, 1926 in Bancroft. Son of Rowland Emerson Haryett (born in Fort Stewart and currently a dentist) and Lillian Haryett. Enlisted Dec 3, 1943. Served as Air Gunner with RCAF. Reported missing after air operations February 2, 1945 in Germany. Presumed dead. Interred Reichswald Forest War Cemetery Germany.

Hawkin, EE (likely "Ernest Earl Hawkins" born January 13, 1924 in Bird's Creek, son of Mrs. Jean Hawkins. A crane operator by trade. Enlisted August 31, 1943.) Served as a Private with Calgary Highlanders, RCIC. Died September 14, 1944, interred at the Calais Canadian War Cemetery. The Calais Canadian War Cemetery is a cemetery in France containing predominantly burials from the Canadian fighting along the coast in the Second World War. There are 581 Canadians buried in the cemetery. Calais was liberated by the Canadian First Army early in September 1944 as they advanced up the French coast into Belgium in pursuit of retreating German forces. Most of the burials in the cemetery relate to this period of fighting.

Jackson, Erwin "Erwin Alonzo Jackson of Gunter, Ontario born July 22, 1905. Son of Wilson and Mary Jackson, husband of Lorna Fern Jackson of Arden, Ontario. Enlisted Sept 11, 1939 at Madoc. Served as a Private with the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment RCIC. Killed in action Dec 23, 1943. Interred Moro River Canadian War Cemetery, Italy."

Keech, Victor "Victor John Keech" of Coe Hill Born April 9, 1921. Son of Sandford Harold and Jeanette "Jennie" Keech. Enlisted at Trenton, 8 September 1929. Husband of Florence B Keech. Died, March 25, 1943 of tubercular peritonitis. Interred at Brookwood Military Cemetery, Surrey England.

Kennedy, William C "likely William George Kennedy" born August 8, 1920 in Craigmont, ON. A machinist by Trade. Son of Nettie Kennedy. Enlisted January 2, 1942. Served as a Rifleman with the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada. Killed in action June 6, 1944. Beny-Sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery Calvados France.

Linkie, Wallace H "Wallace Harold Linkie" of Maynooth. Born June 18, 1923. Son of Emile and Ethel Mayme Linkie. Served with the Algonquin Regiment. Died April 18, 1945 in the Field, Germany. Commemorated at Holten Canadian War Cemetery, Netherlands.

Mahood, Alec (likely Alexander Mahood, born April 27, 1903 in County Down, Belfast. Son of Alexander and Annie Mahood of Belfast, Ireland and husband of Charlotte MacDonald living in the Monteagle Valley, ON) Enlisted Sept 11, 1939 at Picton. Served with Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, RCIC. Died October 10, 1943. Memorialized at Bari War Cemetery, Italy.

McAlpine, William "William James McAlpine of Bancroft. Born July 7, 1920. Son of Hotel Manager Thomas McAlpine and Sarah Mabel Kennedy- both born in Bancroft, living in Elmira. Husband of Anna Mary O'Shaunessy. Employee of Bank of Nova Scotia. Served as a Pilot with the RCAF. Reported missing and presumed killed in an accident during air operations April 3, 1943." Commemorated in a joint grave at Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery, Netherlands."

McCaw, Francis "Possibly John Francis James McCaw of Belleville, born Feb 23 1923, son of Harry Wallace McCaw born in Bancroft and now a creamery truck driver with Belleville Creamery and Marjorie Alice Fairfield born in Minden. Enlisted May 27, 1941. Served as an Air Gunner with the RCAF. Reported Missing 29 March 1943. Presumed killed by an accident during Air Operations- Overseas."

McCormick, Cecil E "Cecil Edwin McCormick of Steenburg, born June 19, 1920. son of Alexander and Ellen McCormick of Trenton. Enlisted at Madoc, September 25, 1939. Served with Hastings and Price Edward Regiment. Killed in action in the field in Sicily. July 25, 1943. Memorial at Agira Canadian War Cemetery, Italy.

McIntyre, John J "John James McIntyre, of Hermon, Ontario. Born April 9, 1925. Son of John and Mary Jane McIntyre. A bush-man by trade. Enlisted January 22, 1944 in Kingston, Ontario. Served as a Rifleman with the Royal Winnipeg Rifles. Killed in action February 21, 1945 in the field in Germany. Memorial at Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery, Netherlands.

McMurray, Edward (actually Richard Edward McMurray born July 17, 1919 in Gilmour Ontario. sales clerk son of William Arthur McMurray and Esther Velma Smith of Gilmour, Ontario. Enlisted October 18 1940. Sergeant and pilot with the RCAF. Died September 11, 1941 in a fatal aircraft accident during air operations in Flemingstone Cowbridge, Glanmorganshire. Interred at Llantwit Major Cemetery, Glamorganshire, UK

Neil, Elvin "Alvin Edward Neil, Born May 9, 1920 in Illinois, came to Canada 22 October 1926. Son of John M (born in Haliburton County, ON) and Sarah Neil (born in Missouri USA) and settled in St Ola. Served at Sergeant with Canadian Special Service Battalion 1st division. Enlisted Sept 11, 1939 in Madoc, Ontario. Alvin received many appo8intments and promotions during his service. His final destination was the Italian theatre. On the night of Dec 3, 1943, The First Special Ser5vice Force was engaged at Mount La Defensa, Italy. This battle was made famous in the 1968 movie "The Devil's Brigade". Alvin was forward of the unit's position, checking security. He was wounded at 0030 hours, on return to his lines, after falling into a slit trench. His identity was mistaken due to poor visibility and the high probability of an enemy encounter. He received a wound to his abdomen from a .30 caliber bullet. He was evacuated on Dec 4th to the Regimental Aid station and then transferred to the 95th Evacuation Hospital in Naples Italy. Her received surgery on the 6th of December and again on the 12th. He was transferred from Naples to Oran Algeria where he was admitted to the 46th General Hospital on January 4. Listed as seriously ill on the 6th of January, he succumbed to his wounds at 0704, on January the 18, 1944. A full autopsy, 5 pages in length, indicated that he had been shot in the right flank on December 4, 1943. The bullet entered his back on the right side, shattering the posterior iliac crest and penetrating his abdomen. Ultimately, the cause of death was septicaemia, with multiple contributing factors. He was laid to rest at Le Petit Lac Cemetery in Oran, Algeria. He is the only First Special Service Force member resting in this cemetery.

Palmateer, Donald "Donald Allen Palmateer" born September 12, 1917 at Steenburg. Son of William and Maggie. Enlisted in Madoc on the 25th of September 1939. A resident of Gunter Ontario. Brother of Mrs. C Tandy of Marmora. Died December 16, 1943 of wounds received during action in the field, in Italy. Interred at Moro River Canadian War Cemetery, Italy.

Poppie, Hubert (unable to locate)

Prentice, Melville "Melville Emerson Prentice" born in Greenview, ON October 11, 1918. Son of George and Etta Prentice of Bancroft. Husband of Lura Pearl Prentice. Enlisted 6th of March 1942. Rifleman with the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada RCIC. Died April 2, 1945. Interred Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery.

Shannick, Clarence A "Lance Corporal Clarence Albert Shannick" born 8 November 1915 in Musclow Ontario. Son of Gustav Shannick. Enlisted at Belleville on 5th of October 1939. Killed in action, in the field, Italy on December 19, 1943. Interred at the Moro River Canadian War Cemetery in Italy.

Shields, M.V. "Martin Victor Shields "from Maynooth, born September 23, 1920, son of Rose Ann Baumhour. Enlisted June 26, 1940 in Picton. Served with the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals. Drowned July 7, 1945 in Holland. Commemorated at Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery, Netherlands.

Stoughton, Berkley "Thomas Berkley Joseph Stoughton known as Berk" A hard rock miner. Born November 5 1905. Son of Thomas Stoughton and Maggie Baptiste of the village of Baptiste. Enlisted September 3 1940 at Toronto. Served as a Lance Corporal with the 48th Highlanders of Canada. Died September 18, 1944. Interred at Gradara War Cemetery, Italy.

Thomas, Donald F "Donald Frederick Thomas" Born March 8, 1925 in Bancroft- original papers said born in 1923) Son of William Henry and Beatrice Isabella Thomas. Enlisted 28 April 1932 in Peterborough. Private with Hastings nad Prince Edward Regiment.. Died from wounds received in action on January 29, 1944. Interred Moro River Canadian War Cemetery, Italy.

Towns, Raymond of Fort Stewart. Born Sept 22, 1918. Son of William John and Phoebe Towns of Fort Stewart. Husband of Margaret. Enlisted January 19, 1940 at Picton. Served as a Private with Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, RCIC. Killed in action, February 1, 1944 in Italy. Interred at the Morrow River Canadian War Cemetery in Italy.
At Morro River Cemetery- of the 1615 burials, 1375 are Canadians

Vardy, Albert E "Albert Edward Vardy" of RR 1 Bancroft. Son of Edward and Hazel Luella Vardy. Born May 9, 1920. Enlisted December 18, 1943. Served with the RCAF as a Pilot Officer. Previously reported missing and presumed dead as of April 14, 1945- after air operations, in Germany. Runnymede Memorial, Surrey, UK.

Weimer, Clifford (unable to locate)

Whitmore, Lloyd "Lloyd Ernest Whitmore" of Steenburg, born February 27, 1923 in Wellington, Ontario. Son of Annie Sarah Whitmore. Enlisted January 25, 1943 at Kingston. A lumber labourer, he served as a corporal with the Queen's Own Rifles, RCIC. Killed in action in Holland. October 27, 1944. Adegem Canadian War Cemetery, Belgium.

Woodcock, John H "John Howard Woodcock known as Jack" of Bancroft. Born June 8, 1911, son of John Archibald "Archie" Woodcock. Husband of Elma Louise Woodcock. Enlisted at Madoc on the 11 day of September 1939. Served as a Private with the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps. 1st Division. Died of wounds received in action in Italy on May 28, 1944. Caserta War Cemetery, Italy.

Robbins, William "Leslie Merrill Robbins known as William" Born October 30, 1930. Son of Andrew Alonzo Ludevica and Alice Elizabeth Riess Robbins of Bancroft. Husband of Lillian Margaret Brennan. Enlisted November 2, 1952 and served as a Private in South Korea with the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps. United Nations Cemetery Busan, South Korea.

Names on original stone but missing from newer stone:

From Bancroft:

A Russell (Unable to locate any information for this soldier)

W Storms The Canadian Virtual War Memorial of Veterans Affairs lists a "Willard Storms" Born September 20, 1803 in Prince Edward County. Son of Nelson and Jennie Storms of Glenora, Ontario. Husband of Delma Storms and father of Everett Storms of Bancroft. Served as a private with the Eastern Ontario Regiment of the Canadian Infantry. Died April 20, 1918. Interred at Bancroft Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

From Monteagle & Herschel:
H Reise "Charles Herbert Reise" born July 17, 1880 in Wicklow Twp. Son of Sidney A Ries and Annie Blair. Resident of Herschel. Enlisted October 29, 1915. Served as Private with 80th Battalion, CEF. Admitted to Elmhurst Convalescent Home, Kingston Ontario on November 2, 1917 suffering from G.S.W. Lobar. Pneumonia which developed while on leave. Disease took usual course Date of Death March 4, 1917. McGary English Cemetery 7 miles south west of Maynooth. Wooden Cross to Be Erected. His mother, Mrs. Annie Ries of Maynooth was present at time of his death.

Hurricane Hazel

October 15th, 2016

62 years ago, on Oct. 15, 1954, Hurricane Hazel ripped through southern Ontario, killing 81 people and leaving over 1800 homeless. Most of the casualties were drowned by swelling rivers, as over 8" of rain fell in just 24 hours. At the time, damage was estimated at between twenty-five and a hundred million dollars. That equates to over a billion dollars, by today's standards.

Meteorologists tracked Hazel's path for about ten days, after spotting the storm about 75 miles east of the island of Grenada. It followed the coast of Venezuela and suddenly swung toward Haiti, killing close to a thousand and devastating half the island's crops. With winds of about 240 mph came tidal surges of over 13 feet Hazel battered the Carolinas, flattening the entire town of Garden City in South Carolina. Hazel lashed Washington DC and crashed through Pennsylvania and New York, killing one hundred Americans.

In Toronto, the worst damage came from flooding and mostly around the Humber River. Some thirty residents of Raymore Drive perished as the flood waters tore homes from their foundations, washing them away. Emergency crews were stymied when swells flooded all of the major highways and many resorted to using their personal boats for rescues. After Hazel, the provincial government made changes to the Conservation Authorities Act to regulating vulnerable lands (including the former Raymore Drive). The Metropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority developed dams, reservoirs, erosion control plans and designated flood plains which would allow rivers to flow naturally during floods, thereby reducing the risk to people and their properties.

Locally, although diminished, Hazel upended trees and ripped through barns. Old-timers still talk about how she made her presence known.

New Mortgage Rules

October 5th, 2016

Liberal Finance Minister, Bill Morneau, has announced changes in mortgage rules. Some of these changes are meant to protect Canadians from taking on bigger mortgages than they will be able to afford if rates rise and some are meant to curtail the number of foreign buyers (many of whom buy, pretend to live in the residence and then flip, skewing all the statistics).

Some believe that these changes have come late, in an era where interest rates have remained extremely low. The federal government suggests that it wants to encourage better lending practices and reduce the potential for defaults.

As of October 17th, lenders will perform a "stress test" when approving high-ration mortgages. Buyers looking at this type of financing will need to qualify for the interest rate on the loan they have selected and also, for the same loan at the Bank of Canada's five-year fixed posted mortgage rate (which is generally higher than what most buyers can negotiate). Buyer will be limited to spending no greater than 39 per cent of income on costs like mortgage payments, property tax and heat (typical home expenses).

Buyers will also have to meet a total debt service ratio (TDS) that does not exceed 44 per cent. TDS includes all other debt payments.

As of November 30th, there will be new restrictions on insurance for low-ratio mortgages. The amortization period must be 25 years or less, the buyer must occupy the property, the purchase price must be below one million dollars and the buyer must enjoy a credit score of 600+. (Up until 2008, CMHC insured high-ratio mortgages for up to 40 years. In 2008 it was reduced to a maximum of 35. In 2011, it was reduced again, to 30 . (Until 2010, the maximum Canadian's could borrow was up to 95% of the value of their home. In 2010 it was reduced to 90% and in 2011 it was reduced to 85% for refinancing. In 2012, the maximum loan limit was set to 80% of the home's value).

In addition, anyone who sells their primary residence will be obligated to report the sale to the Canada Revenue Agency. This is the rule that will affect foreign buyers who have been falsely claiming primary residence exemptions.

Indian Summer

September 20th, 2016

There's been some chat about the phrase "Indian Summer" lately. It seems that any time it's warmish after labour day, people say it is "Indian Summer". Some folks insist that a real "Indian Summer" has to come after the first frost.

A little investigation about the etymology of the term gives me reason to believe that nobody is exactly sure where the phrase originated. There are a lot of different opinions on the subject. In many cases, it has to do with the mist that forms, due to a variation in temperatures. Some hold that when the first European settlers came to this country, they mistook the mist to be that of fires, deliberately set by the native people. Others suggest that native raids frequently took place in the late Autumn and that has something to do with it. Still others will tell you that it has to do with native harvesting.

As I type this blog, I find myself repeatedly using the term "native"... meaning our first nation or aboriginal people. We all know the term Indian was a started when poor old Christopher Columbus who was voyaging to the Orient and got a little confused. But our current "Indian Summer" doesn't correlate with India, either. In India, the hottest point of their summer is in May.