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My Family Tree

October 23rd, 2011
I've been researching my family tree for about 15 years. So far, I have 17114 people. 2918 photos. 1247 stories. 12958 records. There are some people who think that I'm going to prove that we are all related... and sometimes, I think so, too. I… more »

Ontario’s Highlands Geology: A brief history

October 17th, 2011
The science of geology goes way beyond rocks and minerals. Geology is the study of planet Earth- it encompasses theories of the whole how/what/where/when of our planet was formed and continues to be shaped. Scientists have identified three layers… more »

What is Recreational Geology?

October 17th, 2011
Recreational geology applies to endless different activities, all of which provide a great excuse for spending time outdoors! Some activities include exploring caves, climbing, collecting fossils or gems, carving stone, prospecting, panning for gold,… more »


June 21st, 2011
I confess, I am a rockhound... it's really no secret, I've talked about it in past blogs. Rockhounding is recreational... sort of amateur geology, involving the study and hobby of collecting rocks and mineral specimens from their natural environment… more »

Infuse Your Home or Cottage with Colour

June 9th, 2011
Under the current dreary economic conditions, it has never been more important to create visual attractiveness in our surroundings. Designers suggest we think "cool and refreshing" as we transition our living spaces for the summer of 2011. We've all… more »