Category: "Thoughts on Real Estate"

Affordable Housing in Rural Ontario

March 13th, 2018
I hate to say it, but there is a new reality in the housing market. First of all... people are moving from the GTA with a pocketful of cash, so we have a demand for housing that is outpacing the supply. What this mean is that, if a property is priced… more »

Creating Curb Appeal When the Snow Flies

December 5th, 2017
Sellers need to make sure that their home and property are ready for potential Buyers and creating curb appeal is much more than meets the eye. Curb appeal includes making your place look nice but it's also about making it look and feel safe. Our… more »

"Apps" Used to Mean Crudites

November 15th, 2017
I don't understand why I am supposed to be tuned into technology. I grew up with computers... I can talk about the physical, contextual and associative value(s) of the historic IBM buildings at 844 Don Mills Rd and 1150 Eglinton Ave East... a great… more »

Support Small Town Economies

July 1st, 2017
As you head away from the city, to enjoy the best of cottage country, please try to remember how much your little cottage town depends on you. Generations of people in Ontario have vacationed in rural and small town places. Camping and cottaging are… more »

Nature is an Architect's School

May 6th, 2017
In 1914, famed architect Frank Lloyd Write wrote, " the ideal of an organic architecture... is a sentient, rational building that would owe its style to the integrity with which it was individually fashioned to serve its particular purpose- a 'thinking'… more »