Cheating Hearts

April 15th, 2010

This isn't anything new... infidelity has been written about in literature for many centuries. From the classic plays of William Shakespeare, to the modern works of Arthur Miller and more recent studies, like the 1992 movie "Basic Instinct"... and 2009's "Couples Retreat" to name just two!

Tiger & Elin Woods

“For weeks now there have been rumours that Tiger Woods and Elin might reconcile and save their marriage. It was believed by going to sex rehab Tiger had done just enough to keep his family together. But sources have told me that the marriage is indeed over," says news correspondent Kevin Frazier.

When ex-NYPD Blue actress, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon recently discovered that her husband of nearly nine years has been cheating on her, emailed Mike Nilon's colleagues at LA's Creative Artists Agency saying, “I found out today that my husband of almost nine years has been having an affair of 5 years with some slut in Chicago. I am devastated. And I have been duped!”

Radar online has reported Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock is preparing to serve cheating husband Jesse James divorce papers.

Jesse James & Sandra Bullock

Brooke Mueller could be fed up with the problems which keep hitting her marriage with Charlie Sheen that she is said wanting to end it. The mother of two reportedly plans to file for divorce to her husband after learning that he has an affair with a lingerie model while he is supposed to be in rehab treatment.

Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole announced that she is splitting from husband and footballer Ashley Cole after reports of him cheating on her with five women surfaced in February.

Luann de Lesseps, from The Real Housewives, will be divorcing with her cheating husband.

Larry King’s marriage has:
“reportedly crumbled after Southwick (wife Shawn Southwick) accused King of having an affair with her younger sister, Shannon Engemann.”

Singer Cheryl Cole has been estranged from her husband (Ashley Cole) after learning that he was cheating on her.

Divorce documents allege that:
Bruce Springsteen has been involved in an affair with a married woman.

Amid claims that Rebecca Hall was the reason behind the split of Sam and Kate, friends and representatives of both Rebecca Hall and Sam Mendes have rubbished the rumours.

Lenny Henry and (The Vicar of Dibley)Dawn French have revealed they are to split after 25 years of marriage - The stars have faced questions over their marriage since 1999, when Lenny was accused of cheating on Dawn with an Australian receptionist.

Tiki Barber

Sports broadcaster Tiki Barber and wife of 11 years Ginny Barber announced their seperation this week. Ginny is eight months pregnant with their third child. According to a new report by the New York Post, Barber split with his wife to pursue a romance with a former NBC intern named Traci Lynn Johnson.

Reggie Bush has denied claims that he was unfaithful to Kim Kardashian.

Billy Crudup Walked out on seven-months-pregnant Mary-Louise Parker to date Claire Danes.
Jude Law His relationship with Sienna Miller came to an abrupt end when news leaked that he was putting the moves on his kids' nanny.
Jon Gosselin News of Gosselin's alleged infidelities busted up his marriage to the mother of his eight children, Kate, and put an abrupt end to his reality TV career.

David Letterman The "Late Night" host was forced to out his affair with staffer Stephanie Birkitt after her boyfriend tried to extort $2 million with threats to take the relationship public.
Brad Pitt Pitt reportedly "fell in love" with Angelina Jolie on the set of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," before leaving then-wife Jennifer Aniston.
Ryan Phillippe Phillippe and co-star Abbie Cornish started seeing each other in 2006 on the set of "Stop-Loss" while he was still married to Reese Witherspoon.

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant Cheated on then-girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley in 1995 with prostitute Divine Brown.
Eric Benet Benet blamed sex addiction for cheating on then-wife Halle Berry in 2002.

Jenny Sanford’s divorce from Gov. Mark Sanford became final last month. The pair split after the governor disappeared last June and returned to publicly reveal he had been carrying on an extramarital affair with an Argentine woman.

Former presidential candidate (John) Edwards admitted in January that he is the girl's father after initially denying it. He and his wife, Elizabeth Edwards , are now separated.


Multi-platinum R&B crooner, Usher, has released an album in which he:
implies that his own lies and infidelity led to divorcing the love of his life (Tameka Foster Raymond) and ending a two-year marriage

Boyband member, Mark Owen (of Take That) has entered rehab for “infidelity and issues with alcohol”.

Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu has been plagued by rumours that her boyfriend, fellow actor Bosco Wong has been straying.

Carl Paladino

Millionaire governor wanna-be Carl Paladino reveals he fathered a child out of wedlock.

Toronto Transit Commission chair, Adam Giambrone, admitted cheating on his long-time live-in girlfriend with multiple women.

Chef Gordon Ramsay is said to have cheated on his devoted wife, Tana, for years.

Chef Ramsay

Uma Thurman- Ethan Hawke... Scarlett Johansson- Josh Hartnett... Paris Hilton- Nick Carter... Sienna Miller- Jude Law.... Hillary-Bill.... oh there are MORE!!!!

And I read this, too:

John Tesh and Oprah Winfrey allegedly had a love affair before she was involved with Stedman Graham... now, they weren’t married to others at the time but still...

Tesh apparently abandoned Winfrey in the middle of the night after succumbing to "social pressures" that caused tension in their relationship.

John Tesh & Oprah Winfrey

"He said one night he looked down and saw his white body next to her black body and couldn't take it anymore," a Tesh ex told Kelley in the book, the Daily News reports. "He walked out in the middle of the night . . . He told me later he felt very guilty about it."

Hugh Hefner and girlfriends

My favourite comments, though, are these quotes from Hugh Hefner (c/o

on Jesse James (cheating husband of Sandra Bullock):

“When you get married, you make a commitment. I had a lot of girlfriends, but it’s not the same as cheating. I don’t cheat. I am very open about what I do . . . Sandra Bullock’s husband looks like a real creep. I think that when you are in a relationship, you should be honest. The real immorality of infidelity is the lying.”

On Woods:

“... this whole idea that it’s a sex addiction is a copout. Some people become obsessed with sex, but it’s not like an alcohol or drug addiction. He did it because he could get away with it.”

Missing Children

April 13th, 2010

I’m listening to voices in the background, on t.v. (I confess, at times I’m occasionally drawn into the electric circus)... and I’m hearing about the St. John’s River, in Florida... and Haleigh Cummings... and Cousin Joe... and I’m thinking...

Something happened... and there’s a whole bunch of North Amercian humanity that has lost their minds with drugs... and they’re so sick, they’re sacrificing their own babies... and the rest of us just don’t want to believe it...

So we think it’s enough to sneer and judge and say they’re scum...
Why didn’t we fight for the children the first time we thought it?

Rest in peace, little angel.

Latest Reports On The Spring Market Forecast

April 12th, 2010

Supposedly, the economy is starting to right itself and the rebound in real estate supports the theory. The spring housing market is expected to reach a fever pitch. "It's extremely busy out there right now. There is clearly a shortage of properties for sale in many parts of the country," says Michael Polzler, executive vice-president of Re/Max Ontario-Atlantic Canada.

“...there is an increasing risk that we are going to get a mini boom/bust." Doug Porter, deputy chief economist with Bank of Montreal, recently said.

Still, the real estate world is facing the usual gamut of issues...

1/ Rising Interest Rates on the long end of the mortgage market are being cited as a catalyst in creating a mini boom this spring. On July 1st, Bank of Canada is expected to hike short-term interest rates.... as if this is some scary monster!!!! Am I the only person who remembers mortgage rates at near 22% back in ‘81?

2/ New mortgage rules that take effect April 19 will make it tougher for some people to borrow, in some cases. Just the thought of it, scares people! What does it mean? Simplified, it means that new federal guidelines require anyone buying a home with less than 20 per cent of the purchase price for a down payment must be able to qualify based on the posted rate for a five-year mortgage... just in case.

3/ The HST- okay, the new “harmonized tax” will affect a real estate transaction by adding between $1,500 and $3,000 in costs, on average- on “resale” homes, it only applies to the services connected to the transaction... such as the Realtor/lawyer, etc. Services that were charged GST of 5% will now be subject to a 13% tax. Now, the effect on new home construction will be more dramatic.

4/ Ongoing press coverage of the Competition Bureau v.s. the Canadian Real Estate Association regarding MLS... which nobody really wants to talk about, but includes a lot of inaccurate reporting! See #5

5/ The cost of doing business as a real estate sales person. See also #4

Let me tell you a little about #s 4 and 5.....

In my humble opinion, there’s way too much talk about the horrendous cost of using a Real Estate professional... the truth is that commission rates are negotiated at the time that a Real Estate pro and the Seller sign a contract... called a listing agreement... and there are no “set” fees.

There are all sorts of creative ways to construct your contract if you wish to keep your commission costs to a minimum, however, most Sellers understand that there is a lot more to selling property than simply sticking it on the MLS website, and they’re happy to pay a reasonable amount of compensation to have a professional do it for them.

Nobody said you HAVE to use a real estate professional, it’s just that it’s been proven time and time again that a real estate professional will get a significantly better deal... because we are trained in the business... PLUS, we take the brunt of ignorant phone calls- at all hours- the tire kickers, scheduling nightmares and we know how to market a property at its optimum advantage. I could go on. and on. and on.

It’s a hard business, this. It is full of cynicism and distain... and the truth is that most people haven’t the foggiest about what it costs to be in the industry- especially in rural areas. I’m not going to waste anyone’s time trying to explain or defend this... trust me, it’s not easy to make a living in this business. It’s hard work and long hours and we fight tooth and nail for every cent.

The media confuses a lot of people... recently, I actually had buyers ask me when I expected the desperation sales to begin. They figured that the economy would have created much better “deals” than they were finding.

I think that all the hype about going “for sale by owner” is fooling people into thinking that DIY is a cake walk. Most people wouldn’t think of doing their own electrical, dental, plumbing or legal work. Why? Maybe because it isn’t that easy to do it well?

In fact, I think Sellers have gotten a bit lazy, too. They think they just have to sign a listing paper and they’re done their part... but Buyers are savvy... they want documentation and verification. Homeowners should keep an organized file of paperwork that relates to their property and all of its components... but most don’t.

Property lines are simply pointed out, with a grunt in a direction and a shrug in the other. Easements are confused with right-of-ways... and let’s not even start about encroachments. Many Sellers aren’t sure about their zoning and that means that they aren’t sure if the property is compliant. Sellers may not be aware of the intricacies of their property... it may not have seemed important to them and they may not have stumbled upon any problem... but if these matters aren’t sorted out at the onset, there’s possibility for ugly stuff later!

Somebody has to take responsibility. No doubt most home sellers want to move on, in the comfort that they will not be followed by any aggravation related to their prior abode. & buyers want to have someone thoroughly explain every detail, including potential pit falls, to them. A good real estate professional helps resolve these matters, before they become ISSUES.

I recently read this quote from the ReMax Ontario-Atlantic Vice President Polzler, “Right now, a realtor is not often needed in the selling process, but you sure need a realtor in the buying process. If you don’t have a good realtor in this market, finding the right property and going in at the right price, people are being rejected all over the place.”

It’s true, having represented 100s of buyers and sellers, most Realtors understand the process of closing negotiations and bringing the parties together to form an amicable agreement. That’s one of our finer qualities! How come nobody reports that kinda stuff?

All Creatures

April 9th, 2010

I love animals. I always have. I was recently reminded by a former high school classmate that my grade 9 year book proclaims that I imagine a future living in the country with my husband, a dog and other assorted creatures.

In that measure, I suppose I am a success... but I digress...

My regular blog readers (more regular than my blogs, it seems)... will note that I also have a great interest in the mysteries of the universe... and one of the things into which I have often delved is my connection with the other creatures with whom I share this planet.

I have animals that visit me and I see as a sign and others that are simply dear to my heart. My friends, relatives and real estate clients can attest to my connection with nature and wildlife. In fact, I have always been most at home, in the forest. I have spent many contemplative hours, quiet, in the forest and there have been many occasions during which I have been joined by a wandering critter, or two.

These have been some of my most treasured moments in life.

I thought I’d share a bit of the history and teaching about the oneness of nature and , in particular, my own spirit/animal guides, totems and messengers. Curiously, I decided to look up a few definitions to start...

ani•mal•ism (an′i məl iz′əm)
The doctrine that human beings are purely animals in nature and lack soul or spirit.
Animalism is a versatile Discipline that gives its user the ability to communicate and control animals.

Genesis 1:
{1:24} God also said, “Let the land produce living souls in their kind: cattle, and animals, and wild beasts of the earth, according to their species.” And so it became.
{1:25} And God made the wild beasts of the earth according to their species, and the cattle, and every animal on the land, according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.
{1:26} And he said: “Let us make Man to our image and likeness. And let him rule over the fish of the sea, and the flying creatures of the air, and the wild beasts, and the entire earth, and every animal that moves on the earth.”

God said, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the sky, and over the livestock, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth."

The Talmud interprets "dominion" as the privilege of using animals for labor only.

"The Dominion Principle All animals everywhere belong to God. 'For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills" (Ps. 50:10). 'All things were created by him [Christ], and for him' (Col. 1:16). We cannot own what belongs to God; we're only caretakers.

In Genesis 1 Christ gave us dominion over animals, not ownership.

Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama), Indian (India) founder of Buddhism religion and philosophy - "When a man has pity on all living creatures then only is he noble."

Animals and people have always shared a special relationship with each other. With the increase of information concerning animals and their ability to heal people psychologically, spiritually and physically, we are becoming more aware of our relationship with all animals in our society. More and more studies confirm that animal/human interaction fosters well-being.

We have all heard that owning a pet can reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and cholesterol; lower triglyceride levels; lessen stress; result in fewer doctor visits; and alleviate depression. Infants who live in a household with dogs are less likely to develop allergies later in life, not only to animals but also to other common allergens.

Evidence suggests that dogs can detect bladder cancer and predict the onset of seizures. Dolphins have been found to sense disabilities in some people and they will adjust their behavior accordingly. For instance, they'll reduce the speed and power of a 'dorsal pull' to accommodate the swimmer's condition. Horses have been engaged in treating emotionally disturbed teens.

There are many forms of animal-assisted therapy... and I could go on and on and on... but there’s more... there are many stories, legends, religions, teachings and disciplines to confirm that our spiritual lives are somehow linked with our relationship with animals. Animal lovers believe that animals possess souls, consciousness and extraordinary powers.

Some cultures have honoured animals for having a spiritual life similar to their own and imagine that the spirit of the animal exists after death. Shamanic practice honours and acknowledges the life and wisdom that exists in all things. Everything is believed to have something to teach you and animals are thought to have a wealth of wisdom and protection to offer you. Some refer to these as power animals, animal guides, totems or spirit guides (that just happen to be animals)- something akin to guardian angels. They may be animals we have known in life (such as a deceased pet) or they may be personal symbols that represent the qualities of an animal.

Our native cultures believe an animal's spirit enters into a person, at birth. You do not choose a Spirit Guide as your personal spirit guide. The Spirit chooses you and they decide to whom they will reveal themselves and make their friend. Its duties are to keep each person strong and wise as well as to excel in matters of attributes given to that Animal. They perceive these Spirit Guides or totems as powerful guardians of the land or spirits of living animals. Some psychologists conjecture that a vision or message from a Spirit Guide may be certain aspects of the human psyche resurfacing from the pre-conscious ancient human mind.

A spirit guide is a teacher with something to teach you. A totem animal is often a protector, a mate to travel the Inner Worlds with who knows its way around and can get you in, to your destination and out again safely.

The knowledge and power of animal guides can be effectively used to improve our lives. If you feel drawn to a particular creature or if perchance a particular creature comes, calling on you, you might want to Google “animal medicine” and check on the correlation!

The meaning and lessons an animal guide brings will differ according to the type of guide it may be. Learning the difference between the types will help in your understanding of the relevance of that particular animal to you.

All guides are powerful.

An Animal Totem is an important symbolic object used by a person to get in touch with specific qualities found within an animal which the person needs, connects with, or feels a deep affinity toward. Generally, a totem is an entity that watches over or assists a group of people, such as a family, clan, or tribe. Although the term is of Ojibwe origin in North America, totemistic beliefs are not limited to Native Americans. Similar totem-like beliefs are present throughout much of the world, including Africa, Asia, Australia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and the Arctic polar region. The elders of almost every indigenous tribe on earth believe that we are all a part of a great dream that the Creator envisioned. A big dream where man and animal would live together connected, serving each other in the balance of life.

The Nine Totems

Each person has nine animal essences or totems that walk through life with them, teaching and guiding them and in some cases, protecting them. Your totems are found in 7 directions around your spirit: East, South, West, North, Above, Below and Within. The last two animals are walking beside you at all times; your Right Side (male) and your Left Side (feminine).

Your totem animal in the East guides you to your greatest spiritual challenges and guards you while you are on that path of illumination.
Your totem animal in the West leads you to your personal truth. He helps you find the answers you already have buried deep within.
Your totem animal in the South brings you trust, balance, and innocence. He protects your inner child.
Your totem animal in the North is very wise. He helps you to discern when to listen and when to speak. He also reminds you of all the blessings that have been bestowed upon you.
Your totem animal from above connects you to the Great Star Nation, the Universe, and reminds you that you came from the stars and so shall return someday. This totem also brings you the dreams you experience in the Dream Time, helping you connect to other dimensions other than just this one.
Your totem animal from Below brings lessons about Mother Earth and how to stay grounded and
Balanced, while here in the Earth Walk.
Your totem animal from within brings you your heart's desire and gives you the strength to be true to your dreams and Walk your Talk.
Your totem animal on your Right Side protects you like a father. He is your protector as well as the one who gives you your courage and spirit to fight when necessary.
Your totem animal on your Left Side protects you like a mother. He teaches nurturing yourself as well as others. He teaches how to experience and have loving relationships.

While sometimes the living animal is around you, most often they are only the essence of the animal.

At different times in your life, you may also have Special Helpers and/or Special Protectors. These stay with you for a limited period of time, depending on the challenges that you must face. They usually appear in person, in dreams or during meditation.

A Messenger Guide quickly comes into your life and then leaves once a message is understood. The time a Message Guide stays in your psychic is relative to you seeing and accepting the message. The message itself can be spiritual in nature, or it can be a warning. The message may deal with a seemingly mundane aspect of your life or it may be a wake-up call for some important action you must make. Sometimes the animal messenger will come during an unusual event and make a powerful statement and others come on the wind as a whisper. A messenger guide can cause you delays or some unforeseen help in your life. They can be both negative and positive in nature for they are totally impartial.

A Shadow Animal Guide is one that invades you with fear.Its purpose it to teach a lesson you have not learned from repeated mistakes because of anger, avarice, greed, insecurity, or other negative thoughts. A Shadow Guide will return again and again bearing strong feelings of fear until its message is acted upon or a change in lifestyle or actions are incorporated into your life. The Shadow Guide is powerful. It can help you to overcome fear by bringing truth and turning fear into a helper animal guide or spirit animal guide. However, if ignored the Shadow Guide can become dangerous and its powers will have a negative effect on your life. The Shadow Guide lives in the spirit world and usually arrives during a time of testing.

A Journey Animal Guide appears at the fork in the road of your life. When a decision is made to follow a certain path in life, the Journey Guide is there to serve as a guide along the way. It represents a path that may take months or years to complete. It can be a friendly traveling companion if the path is right. If you become lost along the way, the Journey Guide is there help lead the way back. Unlike a Messenger Guide who comes and leaves quickly, the Journey Guide remains at your side until the current cycle in your life has changed. A journey guide appears at the fork in the road of your life. When a decision is made to follow a certain path in life, the Journey Guide is there to serve as a guide along the way. It represents a path that may take months or years to complete. It can be a friendly traveling companion if the path is right. If you become lost along the way, the Journey Guide is there help lead the way back. Unlike a Messenger Guide who comes and leaves quickly, the Journey Guide remains at your side until the current cycle in your life has changed.

A Life Animal Guide is also called a Spirit Guide or Master Guide as it remains a part of you throughout life and reflects your inner-spiritual self. You may have more than one Life Guide and new ones may come during an expected time. Usually a Life Guide does not move away or disappear but remains an integral part of your life, however, there are instances when a particular Life Guide is no longer needed and is replaced with a new one. Its powers are always there for you and serve as a constant reminder of your inner powers and oneness with nature. If for example your Life Guide is Bear, you should be a person who is a solitary dweller, a seeker of knowledge and well grounded. A Life Guide will often call upon other animal guides found within its domain to assist in giving you special messages from time to time.

Animal wisdom is something we can all understand. It is based on the characteristics of the animal. It makes sense, intrinsically. At least it always has, to me.

Some of my own personal animal guides:

The bear. I was born with this connection. You can imagine my delight when I discovered that my 7th-great grandmother (on my paternal side) had been adopted into the Bear Clan! Also, a few years ago, when at a retreat with a native sensitive, she mentioned seeing a bear with me... behind me... she commented on its great size and the enormity of my bear medicine. I have always kept a bear at my door.

My bear is light coloured. Polar. Arctic totems are superb survivalists. Living in a cold climate and harsh environment demands stamina and determination to survive. Arctic totems teach the ability to thrive under the direst of circumstances.

Bears in general teach us to slow down and reserve our energies. Bear medicine also has to do with awakening from within. Bear teaches us that life's answers are no further than your own subconscious. There is no need to look outside of self when bear is nearby. Bears are also climbers and can teach us to reach new heights. Bears love honey and teach us to appreciate the sweetness life offers.

Polar bears are known for their fearlessness and aggressiveness. Polar bears are good hunters and strong swimmers. Humans are their only predator. Because Polar bears are so high up on the food chain it is understandable why they are so fearless. When polar appears you will want to evaluate your fears by looking at the things that make you reactive or act out. Or, you may need to strengthen areas of personal weakness.

The Polar bear is a good provider for his family, anyone with Polar bear as his totem bears the honourable responsibility to provide for others. It is right for the strongest to care for the weakest. Polar bear totem asks that any aggressive behaviours you display are for defensive purposes and not meant to bully.

Birds are another strong guide for me. Birds in general are survivalists. They will first choose flight over fight. They instinctively know that fighting is a dangerous endeavour. Whereas flight is avoiding trouble: possible injury or death. Birds have superb reflexes. They teach us awareness and adaptability. Birds represent the air element and are also teachers of proper breathing.

I have dreams and recollections of a white bird that comes to me and visits. I won’t go into immense detail about this bird... it is my own. I have not been able to find any image that perfectly depicts it, although it is not a particular showy or spectacular looking creature. It is simply smooth and white, fast flying and gentle.

Herons have surrounded me, always. Even when I lived in suburbia, there was a Heron that visited my backyard, daily! I have seen a heron in flight during most every successful real estate showing tour. All of my herons are called Harry. I was once dozing in a paddleboat at dawn, when I heard a horrible growl close by, I turned and was eye to eye with Herry... I could practically see his feathers move as I breathed! He eventually flew off... it was almost a prehistoric feeling!

Dolphin: Dolphin medicine represents the sacredness of all life and the abundance of the primordial sea. They are the gatekeepers to other realms and may teach us how to pass freely between this world and others. Dolphins carry this ability because they are mammals that live in the sea. They live in two worlds, the world of air and the world of water.

Dolphin’s qualities are life force energy, manna, inner child and Universal Consciousness.

When I was 13, I asked my uncle Frank to design a house for me... it was to be rooms surrounding a swimming pool, in which I would raise dolphins!

Dolphin teaches you the sacred ways of breath, how to release the old and bring in a new life force energy. Dolphin is playful, sensual and communicates love and compassion through its eyes. Other animals connect with Dolphin type people. Dolphins treat all life forms with love, gentleness and compassion. All life is sacred in their eyes. These people are connected to the universal awareness. They have strong psychic gifts.

Lioness: regal, majestic, powerful and strong, yet nurturing, devoted, playful and calm. As a totem, you will find yourself commanding this same respect from those around you, but not for no reason – you will have earned it, as Lion teaches leadership amidst cooperation. Just as lions live in groups called prides, so you may find yourself placed in uncommon situations of leadership or at the very least as an integral part of a group endeavor.

The next lesson with Lion that you can count on receiving is one of cooperation and how best to work with others. Within the pride, it is the female who does most of the hunting. But by hunting alone she would not do quite as well, and so she relies on her mate to do his part. He sits and roars, scaring the prey toward her. She then takes the lead and brings down dinner.

Lion is a strong spirit, and one of the most influential of all animal totems. Even the physical symbols associated with the lion suggest this is true, and they are; the Sun, the precious metal Gold, the god Mithras, and a king’s throne to name a very few.

Lions, though fiercely independent, can be extremely jealous and protective of their mates, and those with Lion Totem may find themselves exhibiting this same trait. Lion Spirit is not totally all about pomp and power. There is a marked softer and gentler side to this totem. Playfulness and the understanding that there should be a balance between a time for work and a time for rest is another totem message from Lion. In fact, lions revel in a very calm, almost lazy life, basking and preening and frolicking for many hours in the shade of the vast lands they inhabit.

Sensual, graceful, charismatic and passionate are all adjectives that also aptly describe Lion.

Wolf: the wolf is a powerful spiritual symbol. They are considered to be teachers or pathfinders. Wolf is the Grand teacher. Wolf is the sage, who after many winters upon the sacred path and seeking the ways of wisdom, returns to share new knowledge with the tribe. Wolf is both the radical and the traditional in the same breath.

Wolf Medicine brings a high sense of loyalty and strength, especially to family & children.

Great social skills, friendly, and gregarious. Ability of incredible strength, stamina, & communication both in physical & Spiritual realms. Naturally creative, noble, passionate, with the ability of profound understanding.

Jaguar: (a black panther) Some of the most powerful Shamans carry Jaguar energy, they have the ability to move into realms and realities where others cannot follow. Jaguar invites one to experience more of the "great beyond", to develop further one's intuition, bonding more deeply with guides and totems through meditation and action upon guidance received. In the Native American Culture, the Black Panther symbolizes "Embracing the Unknown." The Black Panther's medicine allows us to face our fears and darkest behaviors, exploring the hidden shadowy aspects of the human soul.

The color black is respected and honored by the red race. Darkness is a place to heal, to uncover the truth, to seek and find answers. Through dreams, the Black Panther teaches us to look inside of ourselves into those places that need healing, to embrace uncomfortable territory through self-discovery and courageously face the unknown.

Panthers are quiet and very sensitive. They have good vision and hearing and are very much at ease with being alone. Trusting your own thoughts and instincts, paying attention to the senses and using care are all part of the Panther's medicine.

Foliage... Yup, plants, trees, shrubs... call all be totems, too! They remind us that not all of life's mysteries have logical solutions. We must be open to magical opportunities, spirit allies, and unconventional paths. Plant life reminds us to celebrate our connection to all things growing on earth.

A blue star or blue flame... hmmmmmm
Flame/Star.... Twin flames were created together and share a destiny. They may spend many lives together and some apart but their paths are always connected.

Twin flames, although separate beings and often many miles apart tend to have similar experiences in their lives so that they are able to learn the same lessons.

Whenever they are together they appear to make up a whole, they are completely relaxed with each other and often have a type of telepathy or understanding of each other. They will be drawn together straight the way upon meeting.

Sometimes your twin soul may choose to remain in spirit whilst you are reincarnated and they will act as your spirit guide. Sylph: Air spirits- a faux-mythological entity... an elemental being . Their element has the highest vibratory rate. They are said to live on the tops of mountains.

They often assume human form but only for short periods of time and they are said to be the most beautiful of all the elementals. They are usually seen with wings, looking like cherubs or fairies. They are said to leave beautiful green rings in meadows and fields caused by bending the dewy grass caused by their dancing in circles. Because of their connection to air, which is associated with the mental aspect, one of their functions is to help humans receive inspiration.

Sylphs are drawn to those who use their minds, particularly those in creative arts.

Sylphs are usually sympathetic of human endeavours and for the most part their actions towards them are kindly and thoughtful. The Sylphs can have a profound and powerful influence on the human mental body and thought, and, they are responsible for being the primary impetus behind both inspirational art and inventions.

As you can see, Spirit guides generally don't have a physical form; they reside on higher vibrational planes (dimensions), unhindered by the physical lower-vibration body. They work from these planes (the world of spirit) and move into our reality (3rd dimension) occasionally to offer guidance, assistance and insight.

Spirit guides will approach us in a form that is most comfortable and acceptable to us. For most people this is probably in something resembling a human form, though some might be seen in the form of a colour or shape, etc. I understand that we mustn’t confuse these with Angels- Angels function on a higher vibration than spirit guides, and in a higher dimension than spirit guides. Angels are of the stars and guides are of the earth. Animal totems, Animal guides or Power Animals can be a little of both.

Ringing Cedars

March 29th, 2010

Dr. Seuss’ character, The Lorax , was shortish. And oldish. And brownish. And mossy. And he spoke with a voice that was sharpish and bossy. "Mister!" he said with a sawdusty sneeze, "I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.”

Not everyone would agree with the Lorax... The “Ringing Cedars” are trees of Siberian pine (Pinus sibirica), which, are said to make noise. Supposedly, after 500 years of life, these cedars have accumulated so much energy that they start to emit a ringing sound or crackling noise somewhat similar to the sounds made by high-voltage power transmission lines.. According to some folks, the wood of such trees has powerful healing properties and capable of curing a disease of the flesh.

The Russian name Sibirsky Kedr is often mis-translated in English as "Siberian Cedar"; references to "cedar" in texts translated from Russian usually refer to this tree or related pines, not to cedars.

Certainly, trees are great natural receptors, accumulators and transmitters of wave energy, including solar power. The needle of a conifer and the broadleaf parts of trees are prototypes for today’s man-made antennas which are really an imitation of the branch structure of trees. & the basic device we use for storing electricity is known as a condenser or capacitor and it’s composed of alternating layers of poor and good electrical conductors- a living tree is also composed of similar layers. Tree sap is an excellent conductor of electricity (this is what attracts lightning to strike a tree)- while wood is actually a poor conductor. Static electricity was first artificially generated through fossil resin from conifer trees (amber).

Siberian cedar can live over 800 years and grow to over 100’ tall. It is famous for its nutritious nuts (called pine nuts). It is a tree of spiritual importance as it has been a totemic tree of indigenous Siberian cultures for ages. Praised for having exceptional fragrance, moth-repelling qualities, durability, dense grain and rot-resistance, Siberian cedar is excellent for woodcarving, furniture-making and flooring, among other things.

The ringing phenomenon is relatively rare. It is said that after 550 years of its life the Ringing Cedar starts making a pleasant humming sound which is a sign for people to use its gathered energy. The healing energies of the trees is commonly acknowledged. To employ the healing properties of the Siberian cedar, one must sit or stand with their back against the trunk of a living tree. In Siberia, twigs from these trees are used the same way as the Chinese use needles, for acupuncture. The twig is applied with the end that was connected to the tree. The twig is then said to suck away excess or negative energy and if energy is required, the twig is applied in reverse.

It is the nutlets that are considered the true treasure among the gifts of a cedar forest. These delicious cedar nuts (or pine nuts) are praised throughout the world as a nutritious healthy snack. They contain a high concentration of amino acids (with the prevalence of arginine), easily digestible proteins, a whole complex of vitamins, including B & E. The oil is very rich in vitamin P: it contains three times as much vitamin P as the product called "Vitamin P" made using fish oil. Vitamin P is made up of vital fatty acids, which is believed to help to reduce the level of cholesterol in your bloodstream and prevent the formation of plaques on the walls of blood vessels. The nuts may also be used to create vodka.

If you plan to collect pine nuts, they should come from windfallen cones- from the ground, not taken from the tree... you see, they must be fully ripened seeds as they are the ones with the highest nutrient and oil content. The nuts should not be removed from the cones until you are ready to press the oil. Apparently, nuts can stay inside the cones and their vitality may be retained for 10 years or more. Nuts should be shelled manually with a wooden mallet and the kernels should not come into contact with any metal. Metal will oxidize the oil and reduce its healing properties). Oil should be produced at room temperature, without any chemicals and with the appropriate attitude. The residue may be dried and ground to produce ‘flour’.

Throughout the centuries both the material and spiritual culture of the Urals and Siberia inhabitants were strongly associated with a Cedar tree. The Kazaks who inhabited the Urals used to call a Cedar tree a “Siberian Giant”. The peasants from Tobolsk region named Cedar as a “Sacred Tree”. Nowadays Cedar is still considered as the “Tsar” of Siberia, a wonder tree, a patriarch of Northern forests. The Siberian Cedar has become a national pride of Russia.

According to ancient books, God created Cedar to accumulate cosmic energy. It is believed that a small piece of a Cedar tree possesses much more energy than all power equipments on earth that have ever been made by people. All cedar trees that grow on earth are meant to perform a special task of accumulating the energy of Cosmos.

People have been aware of the healing properties of Siberian Cedar Nut Oil for a long time. In 1792 academician P. S. Pallas wrote about the nuts of the Siberian cedar that rejuvenates “a man’s strength” and gives him youth and produces amazing results in increasing the resistance to any diseases. Russian Siberian Cedar nuts were exported to England and other countries as early as the reign of Ivan the Terrible.

The first documented mention of cultivated Siberian cedars in the European part of Russia dates back to the second half of the XVI century, when the Tolgskaya cedar grove was laid out near Yaroslavl, 8 km from the city. This grove was located on the left bank of the Volga, 300 m from the shore, on the territory of the former Tolgskaya Monastery, which was constructed in 1314.

From a 2006 article in the Saint Peterburg English Newspaper

“The lifetime of a Siberian Cedar tree (which is of the pine nut family) is about 550 years. Day and night it catches and accumulates all spectrum of light energy through all of its needle like leaves. During the Cedar’s lifetime, all kinds of objects are passing over it, reflecting this energy. Cedars are said to receive the emanation of man’s energy, reflected through the Cosmos. It preserves and gives the light energy back to the Cosmos when the Cosmos’s level goes down, as a result of such light energy going down in man.

It happens, though very seldom, that a cedar tree just accumulates light energy but does not give back this accumulated energy to the Cosmos. When such energy accumulated cedars are about five hundred years old they start to ring, thus they are trying to communicate. They give a welcome sign, inviting man to use their energy on Earth for good purposes. Such a cedar produces a ringing sound for three years if it does not come into contact with people. After these three years, if it fails to give its accumulated light energy directly to man, it loses the energy by burning it within itself. The torturous process of burning-dying lasts for about 27 years.

Thus when indigenous people find such a ringing cedar they endeavour to ‘fell’ it and use it for good purposes within mankind. One such purpose is making ringing cedar pendants.”

I understand that if you plan to wear a pendant made of Siberian Cedar, it is important to be aware of the direction of the wood fibres. The fibres should be parallel to the wearer’s body so that it will resonate with that person’s electromagnetic field. Handmade items are substantially more powerful than commercially made items.

Siberian cedars may be used to produce a cedar milk that some believe could replace much of the present day dependence on both cow’s milk and/or soya milk.

Trees provide a natural outdoor instrument. As branches and leaves shake, they cause vibrations in the surrounding air. the faster the object moves, the higher will be the pitch that is heard. The sound of wind rustling in the leaves is called “psithurism"... which is kind of interesting if you figure that Parrots are known as psittacines and psittacopes is an extinct genus of parrots and Psithyrus is a subgenus in the bumblebee genus Bombus.

Tree sounds are unique
to those who stop and listen.
The willow has been likened to a flute,
the pine to a violin.